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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Failed mission.

This was so pose to be an awesome photo-shoot, but ended in a big fail. So ill just give you guys a little update on thing. We sure did get an adventure though. I heard about this place where they had graffiti and I though hey that would be so cool to shoot there. I didnt expect to be climbing things. I climbed 2 walls in a dress(good thing I wore shorts ;]). Cora climbed 2 walls and a fence(a natural climber). When we were almost to the photo shoot area, we had to go crawl through a 4ft tunnel.There was NO WAY in hell am I going in a dark small tunnel. Sorry but I have strange mind, I kept imagining crawling through the tunnel and the Ring/Grudge girl crawling behind me, and the only way I could go is straight.

PhotobucketMy baby sister finally graduated to the 8th grade. I took this photo of my mama. Isnt that the most odd looking tree?


  1. Love the photographs and edition!

  2. i love the shirt we love haters !! ahahah


  3. I love these pictures!! and the blog!