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Monday, January 10, 2011



Shorts(DIY): Vintage Calvin Klein
Shirt: H&M
Knee high socks: Forever21
shoes: H&M

The tallest shoes I own yet. It makes me feel like I grew an extra 4 inch, which would never happen at 20 years old. It feels nice being tall, even though it might scare some of the boys away, hahaha. But who cares when you have pretty shoes on.
I was a little skeptical buying shoes at H&M, because of the cheaper materials used. I have had bad experiences with forever21 shoes, paid 30$ for shoes that I cant even walk in(Dr. Scholls cant even help). I tried the H&M shoes on in the store and they felt fine, so I forked out 30ish$ for these babies. Its comfortable I would say, but a little more padding would feel better. I walked around the mall for 2 hours in 4 inches. The first hour was fine. The second hour was sore, but not in pain yet either. A little more padding at the ball of my foot would feel nice. I need to get me some Dr. Scholls.   


  1. the third picture is very trippy...very nice : )

  2. you should watch it..i liked it. lol

  3. Ah, wedge booties are the best things ever. Yours are amazing, I love the lace-up and belt detailing. You look great :) Please follow me :D

  4. amazing boots dear!!!! love them really:) check it out sometime:) hope you find it interesting xx

  5. love the boots socks and tights combo! great styling. . love these photos/post! check out my newest post


  6. Ohh those heels are amazing! You look very beautiful too ((:
    wanna follow my blog?

  7. beautiful! you have impeccable taste.

    sincerely, M